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Telamon Corporation - Workforce and Career Services in Maryland


Telamon offers several programs to help people of all ages learn new skills to pursue better jobs.

If you are looking to improve your work-related skills so that you can enjoy the greater financial stability that comes from a better job, we have a program for you.

National Farmworker Jobs Program

Offers services that train or prepare farmworkers for other jobs.

Young Adult Program 

Build skills that lead to success as adults.

The FAST Program and the One Stop Café

Get hands-on training to work in the food service industry.


Find and keep a home, manage money, and plan for the future.

Education is the most important component of financial success. At Telamon, we offer programs and workshops on a variety of topics, from budgeting and credit to buying a home and surviving financial setbacks.

Do you want to rent or buy a home?

  • First-Time Homebuyer Program
  • Rental Education & Counseling
  • Information on Fair Housing Rights

Do you need guidance on other issues?

  • Services for People Experiencing Homelessness
  • Credit Counseling
  • Personal Financial Coaching
  • Community Services – Emergency Food & Support program, English in the Workplace

Do you need help paying your mortgage or tackling debt?

  • Foreclosure Prevention Programs
  • Financial Management & Budget Counseling
  • Advanced Loss Mitigation & Foreclosure Prevention
  • Debt Reduction & Delinquency Counseling
  • Mortgage Payment Assistance
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling
Telamon Corporation - Housing and Financial Empowerment in Maryland

Success Story

Maudeline, Maryland
She says: “I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me!”

Telamon Corporation - Maudeline | Success Story in GeorgiaMeet Maudeline. Through the NFJP program, she gained training in Telamon MD’s culinary arts program. Married with six children, Maudeline aspired to work as a cook at the local hospital, and Telamon helped her work toward that goal. A mere two years ago, she felts as if she was destined to spend her entire life working on a farm. Empowered by on-the-job training and classroom skill-building sessions provided by Telamon, Maudeline is now well on her way toward the bright future she envisions. “To be in the NFJP program…is the most important step someone can take towards their dream. I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me! I can now support my family. I can now support my children. I cannot wait to graduate and start working.”


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