What We Do

We empower individuals, improve communities.

Our mission is to provide educational services that lead to better jobs, better lives, and better communities.

Telamon-TRC staff members teach customers to access resources in their community, overcome barriers to employment or manage their finances. While not every service we provide will lead directly to better jobs and better lives, what we do often lays the foundation upon which our customers can build a better future.

In 2019, we served 20,000 customers at 124 locations in 11 states through our three core areas.


We promote early childhood education through our Head Start programs — and encourage parents — with diverse services, from child development education to family support services.

Telamon-TRC provides services primarily through Head Start centers in five states:
Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Success Story: Mother of Six Becomes Role Model for Other Farmworkers – Eusebia’s Story

Meet Eusebia. Eusebia’s story with Telamon Michigan’s Migrant Head Start program started nineteen years ago with her first child, Francisco, in 2001. Following Francisco, Eusebia had five additional children: each one has been enrolled in Telamon’s Head Start program. Parents of children enrolled in Head Start participate in activities that support the ways the programs run in their local centers. Each center has a Policy Council; getting involved in this group is one of the ways that parents can get involved.

In 2014, Eusebia attended a statewide meeting of Policy Council. She was so inspired by the dynamics and commitment of the parents, that she wanted to get even more involved. She chose to run for president for the Parent Committee at her center, and she won. As an immigrant farmworker with limited formal education and a single mother of six, Eusebia never thought that she could be in a leadership position. Nor did she think that she could possibly serve as a role model for other farm workers and her children. Since the beginning of her new position, she was determined to work on behalf of the families in her community. She has been cheered on and supported by Telamon staff members like State Family Services Coordinator Jorge Torres every step of the way.

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We link youth and adults to educational opportunities that lead to better jobs and careers.

Telamon-TRC provides workforce training services in ten states:
Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland-Delaware, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

Success Story: Young Woman Develops Job Skills for a Successful Career – Zuleyka’s Story

Meet Zuleyka. Zuleyka and her family lost nearly everything after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017. Destitute and homeless, the family relocated to Maryland to build new lives. Without the means to rent an apartment, they stayed with family members.

As a teenager, Zuleyka and her father worked at a nearby chicken plant that processed raw poultry in order to provide for the family. However, her health quickly declined making the intensity and physical demands of the job unbearable. It was difficult decision for Zuleyka to leave the poultry plant since her family relied on her for financial support. Due to her lack of work experience, she had to take a low paying job at a small, local pharmacy. Zuleyka’s transformation began when she learned about the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) at Telamon.

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Workforce & Career Services Help Youth Meet Academic and Career Goals


We provide support to individuals and families, leading to financial security, stable housing, and homeownership if they choose.

Telamon-TRC provides housing & financial empowerment services in eight states:
Georgia, Indiana, Maryland-Delaware, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

Success Story: Single Father Repairs His Credit and Buys a Home for His Three Boys – Nathan’s Story

Meet Nathan. A single parent of three boys, Nathan is a grateful, humble man. He also has a felony record. Following his discharge from prison, Nathan was determined to build a new life with his boys. He summoned the courage and took a change: he walked into Telamon’s West Virginia office and asked for help.

At his first appointment at Telamon, Certified Housing Counselor Jennie Shriner set him up with a personalized financial education resources and one-on-one support from Financial Coach Amanda Heck, to assist him with budgeting, credit basics, and pre-purchase counseling. His goals were ambitious: to purchase a home within 6 months, improve his credit score and increase his savings. Working with his counselors, Nathan developed a specific plan of action which included tracking all monthly expenses, disputing a collection account, settling a collection account.

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Housing & Financial Empowerment Helps Individuals and Families Build Financial Security


An important part of our mission is to be an engaged partner that contributes to the local community. That means working with community service providers to ensure our customers thrive. Won’t you join us?