Success Story:
Single Mom Determined to Succeed for Her Family

Brandi, West Virginia

Brandi joined Telamon’s West Virginia National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) as a single mom. For many years, she supported her family as a line worker at a local poultry plant. Even before the pandemic hit, she was a woman with a core of strength and resilience by way of her personal history. She overcame mental health issues, substance abuse and incarceration.

When Brandi first met with Telamon staff, she had recently moved to West Virginia from Florida, where she had been incarcerated on a felony charge. She was working while attending school, but things were not easy for her emotionally and physically. The physical stress of working on the poultry line led to chronic pain, and she was often too mentally exhausted to focus on her studies. Brandi was barely making ends meet. It was clear that she needed to make a life change.

Brandi’s case manager, Heather, encouraged her to focus her attention on continuing her education. Telamon’s NFJP program was able to assist Brandi with financial support for educational supplies, career counseling, and help with navigating community services to complete her education.

“I would like to thank Telamon and Heather for all of the support and guidance. While I know it was my determination that got me where I am, she kept me motivated and on track — she was the backbone and glue that held it together. She rocks!”

This fueled her determination, while working full time at the poultry plant. Before she knew it, Brandi had obtained an Associate degree in Applied Science of Business Management and in Accounting. Just as things were finally looking up for Brandi, the pandemic unfolded, and Brandi found herself feeling discouraged once again.

With Heather’s ongoing motivation and support, Brandi learned to view setbacks as opportunities. Shortly after, she received a job offer as an administrative coordinator within the poultry plant where she had previously worked. Working at an elevated position, she obtained an increase in pay along with benefits — something she never imagined possible.

Now, Brandi loves her new job. She has also become a mentor to others with similar experiences. She aspires to help others, as Telamon helped her — to use her experience to give back to her community. Brandi’s grit and determination are a testament to the power of resiliency, support, and second chances.

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