Success Story:
For Bekah, Persistence Pays Off

Bekah, West Virginia

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, Bekah found herself living in a motel with her adult son who was a recovering addict. They had stayed there for quite some time due to financial hardship. Bekah worked extra hours as an assistant manager at a local gas station, but she struggled to pay for rent and basic living expenses. Even though she qualified for financial assistance, background checks and administration issues delayed her leasing affordable housing. It was a traumatic time.

Then, Bekah met Susan, an Information and Referral Specialist at Telamon in Martinsburg, WV. After working tirelessly with Bekah and her son for five months, they were approved to move into an apartment. Bekah was also referred to community resources to help her get back on her feet. She received donated furnishings for her home as well as business casual outfits for future job interviews.

Susan also encouraged Bekah to participate in Telamon’s successful renters’ workshop to gain budgeting and other financial literacy skills. On top of that, she connected Bekah’s son to Jobs and Hope, a local program that offers job training and resources for people in recovery. “With determination and motivation, things can happen,” said Susan. “If someone is a part of your journey, that lets you know that you are never alone.”

“One day, I hope to rent or buy my own house… that would be a dream come true.”

Bekah made tremendous growth over the months they worked together. Once fully settled, she plans to find a job that offers better pay. Susan is confident that the job skills Bekah has acquired, combined with the right clothes and some interview training, will enable her to advance her job prospects.

Today, Bekah feels empowered to get a better job to help improve her financial security. One day she hopes to rent or purchase her own house or trailer. She would also like to buy a car since she currently does not have her own transportation. Overall, Bekah feels grateful for the people that helped her and plans to pay it forward within her community once she is able.

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