Success Story:
Workforce specialist pushes Tracey to succeed

Telamon Corporation - Tracey | Success Story in VirginiaTracey, Virginia

When Tracey first started working with Kathy, Workforce Development Specialist (WDS), from Telamon, she was an 18-year-old farm worker, disillusioned and discontent. The compassionate support of the Telamon staff helped turn her life around. The guided encouragement and coaching she received from Telamon motivated Tracey to enroll in classes, and obtain gainful employment outside of farm work. When Tracey said, “I can’t do this”, her Telamon workforce development specialist said, “Yes, you can – you are – and you will.” In Kathy, Tracey found someone to give her that extra motivation to propel her to the next level. As a result, Tracey found a new career path, and a new outlook on life. Today, as a Telamon Governing Board member, she helps oversee the family of Telamon job training programs. She is part of the team that empowers people and improves communities every day.

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