Success Story:
Hardworking father secures gainful employment as a truck driver

Maxime, Virgina

Devoted husband and father of three beautiful children, Maxime moved to Virginia in the fall of 2018 to work at Perdue Farms. He did not like the life that he was living due to the long work hours and the low hourly wage. His income was not enough to take care of his family, and he dreamed of finding a better life.

One Sunday at church in Parksley, Virginia, Maxime met a Telamon-TRC case manager who explained how Telamon’s National Farmworkers Job Program (NFJP) could help him find a new career path that might improve his life. Excited to learn more, he enrolled in the program right away.

Maxime wanted to be a truck driver and dreamed of owning his own truck company one day. In the fall of 2019, he attended the CDL-A training and earned his certification. After completion of the program, he was offered a truck driving position from the training school. He was confident that his training and certification would provide many options for his future.

With potential earnings between $40,000 and $60,000 per year, Maxime was overjoyed to know that he would have a stable income. Plus, he could buy new clothes for his wife and children. He no longer had to work overtime just to earn enough money to support his family. Thanks to his willingness to work hard and learn new skills, the financial stress and physical strain of his old life were gone. Maxime and his family will benefit from the job skills he developed for years to come.

Telamon-TRC’s Workforce & Career Services encompasses a broad array of customized work readiness and job skill training programs, focusing on helping farmworkers, and youth who seek to build skills and career paths. Work readiness and job skill development are often supplemented by language services (ESL), educational support (GED) and includes one-on-one counseling, group workshops and supportive services. 

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