The House Wake Eviction Prevention Program: Providing Security Amid Instability

North Carolina

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Wake County North Carolina’s Housing Affordability & Community Revitalization department, in partnership with Telamon, developed the House Wake! Program, to assist people at risk for homelessness or losing their homes.

Still in place today, House Wake! coordinates federal, state and local funding to address the Covid-19 crisis within the County’s homeless and precariously housed populations, aiming to move as many people as possible toward long-term housing stability.

Job loss, reduced work hours and illness related to Covid-19 have caused many households across the country to struggle to make their rent payments. The House Wake! Program was set up to help people to catch up on late payments and avoid eviction, as well as to offer financial assistance to those who qualify.

The House Wake! Eviction Prevention Program paid out over $3.2million in rental assistance to help families avoid eviction. House Wake! has supported individuals like:

  • Denise, who lost her father to Covid-19 and had to quit her job to take care of her son, who also had Covid-19. Her loss of income led her to apply for rental assistance from the House Wake! Program. Despite her recent devastating experiences, Denise worked hard to regain stable employment and get back on her feet. She has maintained a positive attitude and advocates for herself, demonstrating a resilient spirit fostered by the support she received from the House Wake! program.
  • Cadeija, who had been looking for her own place for more than a year and had been turned down repeatedly for different reasons. The Covid-19 pandemic caused many residential complexes to prohibit new tenants from moving in. With Telamon’s dedicated support, Cadeija was given keys in January and has moved into her new apartment. Mentored by Telamon, Cadeija now feels empowered to advocate on her own, making sure she receives the resources she needs to support her family during these trying times.
  • Erica, a single mom who was facing eviction. Her locks had been changed and she was living out of her car with her two children at a rest stop off of a major highway. The House Wake! program provided the assistance she needed to get settled back into her apartment. Providing professional care and dedication, Telamon staff member Keith was a positive force, motivating Erica to apply for jobs and to work toward the goal of financial stability.

Communities are only as strong and healthy as its individual members. When communities join together to invest in the security of their more vulnerable members, the community at large becomes stronger, more resilient, and able to withstand crises. The House Wake! program is a model of an effective partnership dedicated to serving and empowering individuals, which in turn strengthens the larger community.

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