Success Story:
Michael Accomplishes His Dream Job through the National Farmworker Jobs Program

Michael - Success Stories - North CarolinaMichael, North Carolina

Michael, a resident of Bertie County, North Carolina, was no stranger to seasonal employment and the financial limitations of being a farm worker. Having worked in the tobacco fields for 10 years and a hog farm for 5 years, Michael was familiar with the grit and determination that it required to make ends meet.

Michael’s aspirations of becoming a licensed barber and owning a barbershop could not be diminished by his financial struggles. Michael’s primary focus has always been to take care of his family and set a great example for his children. Once learning that his last place of employment on the hog farm was shutting its doors and the employer was retiring, Michael found himself unemployed once again.

Telamon has helped put me in a position to have a better lifestyle for me and my children. I couldn’t have done it without Telamon.

A friend told Michael about Telamon Corporation and the National Farmworker Jobs Program. He qualified and enrolled, which made it possible for Michael to enroll at Pitt Community College in the barbering program at Altitude Academy. He was assisted with his barbering tuition for one year, along with his books, fees, and the purchase of his barbering tools—along with supportive services. Michael is now about to graduate from Altitude Academy and begin the career he has always dreamed for so long as an entrepreneur in barbering. Michael shared, “Although I never graduated from high school to receive my high school diploma, I’m excited that my children will watch me walk across the stage to receive my college diploma in barbering. My hope is that this program can help others do the same.”

Telamon-TRC’s Workforce & Career Services encompasses a broad array of customized work readiness and job skill training programs, focusing on helping farmworkers, veterans, and youth who seek to build skills and career paths. Work readiness and job skill development are often supplemented by language services (ESL), educational support (GED) and includes one-on-one counseling, group workshops and supportive services. 

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