Success Story:
Fatima Finds Motivation to Become a Homeowner through Telamon’s Bilingual Education Program and House and Financial Empowerment Services

Fatima - Success Stories - Fatima, North Carolina

Story Note: this story can be expanded based upon an interview staff recently did with Fatima.

Fatima, a stay at home mom with one toddler, struggled to maintain their needs with only her husband’s income due to circumstances that prevented her from working. As a student taking English classes with Telamon’s BLOC (bilingual education) program she attended a Housing and Financial Empowerment workshop on the topic of credit, offered in Spanish to BLOC participants.  Eager to learn more about how credit was affecting her household and her family’s financial goals, Fatima scheduled a one-on-one session with Telamon’s Financial Coach in January 2018.  In her coaching sessions Fatima not only identified how credit played a role in her family’s goals, she also developed a detailed spending plan that helped clarify their financial situation. The family used a savings chart to begin saving money monthly working toward an annual goal.  Fatima was referred to Telamon’s housing counseling team and participated in the “My 1stHome” workshop provided in Spanish. After attending the workshop, Fatima and her husband then scheduled a one-on-one housing advising session with the housing counseling team – leading to their purchase of a home!  In one year, Fatima and her family had achieved their goal of homeownership.

Fatima and her family achieved their goal of homeownership…in just one year!

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