Success Story:
Ray thrives in a career uniquely suited to his needs and interests

Ray, Maryland

Ray was referred to Telamon-TRC’s Young Adult Career Program by his therapist at the county health department to assist him in choosing a career path after graduating from high school. While working with Ray, Telamon staff learned that Ray had struggled with mental health concerns while he was growing up, including severe anxiety that made it stressful for him to be around people. It was a challenge to identify a career path in which he would feel comfortable and be successful.

While working with Ray at his pace, a Telamon case manager established a meaningful rapport with him to help build self-confidence and comfort in dealing with new situations. With customized support, Ray progressed steadily to a Work Experience (WEX) program at the Worcester County Public Library in Ocean Pines, MD. Once he felt more relaxed, Ray communicated with colleagues, supervisors and customers more freely.

The calm, quiet pace of the library was perfectly suited to Ray’s temperament. There he was able to practice the coping mechanisms that he had learned while working with people. The positive interactions with others helped ease his fears, and the supportive environment empowered him to thrive. His supervisor and the director at the library consistently gave him high marks on his WEX reports. Ray established his career path to becoming a librarian.

“Congratulations to Ray as he moves forward on his career pathway. Through Work Experience and the commitment of a dedicated staff willing to meet him where he was, Ray’s success is not only a testament to hard work, commitment, and perseverance – but to Telamon’s Young Adult Career Program and its funders in Worcester County.” – Manager, Public Library in Ocean Pines

Ray was offered employment at the Worcester County Library as a Library Services Assistant II in December of 2019. The promotion sparked his desire to attend online schooling to pursue certification as a Librarian Assistant. Ray has much to be proud of as he looks back on his personal transformation and his professional achievements.

Telamon-TRC’s Workforce & Career Services encompasses a broad array of customized work readiness and job skill training programs, focusing on helping farmworkers, and youth who seek to build skills and career paths. Work readiness and job skill development are often supplemented by language services (ESL), educational support (GED) and includes one-on-one counseling, group workshops and supportive services. 

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