Success Story:
Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Program Inspires Jazmin to Earn a College Degree to Help Those Around Her and to Give Back to Those Who Have Helped Her

Jazmin, Indiana

Jazmin is an honors student at North Central High School who will graduate later this year. She is enrolled in Transition Resource Corporation’s (TRC’s) Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program, a school-to-career program for juniors and seniors dedicated to preventing high school dropouts. (TRC operates the JAG program in 12 high schools in Marion County.)

Jazmin is grateful for the positive direction and support she’s received from the JAG program.  An active and insightful communicator, Jazmin is also very supportive and inclusive of others, always listening thoughtfully to the contributions of her peers She enjoys learning and is a true scholar.  Jazmin aspires to be a Speech Pathologist. She has spent many hours researching her potential future career and options for her post-secondary education.

Instead of losing faith and allowing herself to become discouraged, Jazmin has used the difficult experiences of her past as motivation to reach her goals.

Jazmin was raised by a single mother.  Her father suffered from addiction and mental illness, thus was not a dependable parent and was mentally and physically abusive.  Forced to mature very quickly, Jazmin was assaulted at the age of 5:  an incident which divided her family.  After relocating to Indianapolis, she was again assaulted by a close family member. She fell into a deep depression and suffered from anxiety; at age 11 she attempted to take her own life.

During the majority of her adolescence, Jazmin struggled.  But because her mother had instilled the importance of education and its ability to help people break out of unhealthy cycles, Jazmin found stability in her academics, and at school.  With the help of her mother and her faith, she sought to overcome her depression and made a personal decision to make her academic goals a top priority. While the sudden deaths of two close members of her family in her high school years was deeply troubling, Jazmin remained steadfast in her commitment to be the one of the first members of her family to graduate from high school.  She has not allowed her past to define her.

Jazmin desires to advocate and help others in need. Although Jazmin’s past is troubling, she feels it has made her the young woman she is today. Jazmin plans to attend Ball State University to obtain her degree in Speech Pathology. She has a love for both psychology and etymology, and feels that Speech Pathology is the perfect marriage of the two. She will also be able to combine her love of helping others with her academic interests. Although she has been accepted at several universities, her heart is set on attending Ball State University in Indianapolis.  Jazmin is committed to graduating with a degree to help those around her and to give back to those who have helped her.  It is her goal to help people to achieve their personal, academic and career goals – just as TRC’s JAG staff has helped her.

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