Success Story:
Single Mom Empowered by Education for Her Daughters and Herself

Sharmice, Indiana

In May 2021, we learned of Sharmice’s untimely death. While we are deeply saddened by the loss to Sharmice’s young daughters and her family, we wanted to honor her incredible story of perseverance as inspiration to others.

A young, single mom of three girls, Sharmice had never completed high school. However, she understood the importance of education and she was determined to help her daughters start off on the right track. Like her two school-age daughters, Sharmice made certain that her youngest daughter, Jay’leah, also attended TRC’s homebased Head Start program. The Head Start program offers comprehensive child development services during weekly home visits to support parenting, child development, health, and nutrition.

“ I’m determined to keep building on my progress for me and my daughters.” —Sharmice

Even with the setback of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Sharmice worked tirelessly to meet the child development and family goals set by her Head Start home visitor, Jennifer. With Jennifer’s guidance, Sharmice successfully overcame technology barriers so that Jay’leah could participate in the Head Start program. Not only did she overcome the initial challenge of learning digital technology, but she also learned how to navigate virtual classrooms at home for her three daughters ages 3, 9, and 12.

Armed with new technology skills, Sharmice gained more confidence in her ability and wanted to continue her own education. With Jennifer’s assistance and support, Sharmice attended an Indiana state program to obtain her high school diploma. Her three daughters and family were incredibly proud of her persistence. Motivated to further her education,

Sharmice had planned to pursue online training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. With her determination, we believe that she could have done anything she set her mind to. Even in her absence, Sharmice continues to be a positive role model for her daughters. Today, her daughters live with

Sharmice’s mother, Elaine. Their grandmother is steadfast in ensuring that the young girls pursue their educational goals as they grow older. With the support of their family and church, we look forward to Sharmice’s daughters carrying on their mother’s legacy of perseverance and commitment to education so that they will have unlimited opportunities for success on the road ahead.

Head Start is part of Telamon-TRC’s Early Childhood & Family Support services, a comprehensive program that offers quality early education in and out of the home, parenting education, health and social-emotional wellness services (including for women before, during, and after pregnancy), nutrition education, and family support services.

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