Success Story:
A Mom on a Mission to Help Others

Kasey, Indiana

Kasey has been a parent with TRC Head Start- Muncie since October 2012. She started with her eldest son, Dylan, who was in the Regional Head Start program. She enrolled in the home based program as a pregnant mom expecting twins. Kasey has faced many obstacles in her life. Growing up, she was in group homes and foster care for years. She experienced the loss of the grandparents who raised her and was hurt by her family in her early years. At the age of 17, she dropped out of high school, struggling to find  motivation in life. In February 2013, Kasey gave birth to her twin babies. After 2 months, her only daughter passed away prematurely. Kasey has never overcome this loss.

“TRC staff have always been available to help me along the way.”

Kasey explained that through the help of Ms. Debbie and Ms. Nicole at TRC Head start, she has received the resources she’s needed for different stages in her life. These dedicated women worked to ensure she had what was needed through her circumstances – including education. Kasey shared that through the years, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Nicole have always been the ones to help her and understand what she’s been through in her life. TRC staff were always available to help her along the way when she needed. In June 2019, Kasey will graduate from the Excel Center with her Core 40 diploma. She currently has 8 credits left and is excited to complete this part of her education journey. She is the mother of 4 boys, 1 stepdaughter and her angel baby. When she was asked why she wanted to get her diploma, she stated “To show my kids if they set their mind to it, they can finish high school, go to college, and be anything—they can be better than what I was.” Kasey’s expressed that she loved helping people when she was younger, especially older generations like her grandparents. She is looking to pursue a career in the medical field that will allow her help others.

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