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How Telamon Is Supporting You During COVID-19

Telamon Corporation is making every effort to continue supporting program customers while complying with CDC and government recommendations. To the extent possible, our staff will be working from home but will remain available via telephone and email. Our early childhood centers have closed and will follow local school district timelines for re-opening. In the meantime, teachers are working on activities that families can incorporate into their daily activities at home.

We encourage everyone to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves, their families and their community. We also encourage you to remain calm, take a break and focus on positive parts of your life and things you can control.  Remain optimistic that we will make it through this challenging time together.


Since 1965, we have helped individuals like you access educational services that lead to better jobs, better lives, and better communities. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Telamon Corporation is a nonprofit organization that offers services in 11 states.


See how.


leads to better jobs

Better Education leads to better jobs

Early Childhood & Family Support offers families exemplary childcare services that ensure children start school ready to learn and succeed.

As children grow and prepare to succeed in school, parents are encouraged to actively participate in their education and strengthen family bonds.


lead to better lives

Better Jobs lead to better lives

Workforce & Career Services creates hope and prepares people of all ages for more competitive jobs. Our customers want to identify more promising career paths that fit their skills and interests. We serve youth, veterans, migrants and seasonal farmworkers, low-income individuals, people experiencing homelessness, and other special populations


create better communities

Better Homes & Lives create better communities

With financial stability, families can achieve their dream of stable housing — and even homeownership. Housing & Financial Empowerment services ensure that families receive support so they can reach these important goals.​


supply better education, and the cycle of improvement from individuals to communities continues.

Better Communities supply better education, and the cycle of improvement from individuals to communities continues.

Through our community partnerships, we can provide wraparound services that build strength in individuals and families. Our partners and volunteers are inspired to keep the cycle going and motivate others to build better lives.