Success Story:
A Senior on the Move!

Carey, Georgia

A senior citizen and an original native of South Carolina, Carey has lived as a residence of Macon, Ga for the past 40 years. She’s a caring, friendly, faith-filled woman. In past years, she made a living as a bus driver, taking children to and from school. Carey eventually retired, with only retirement income and widow compensation. Carey faced the challenges of limited income, a low credit score, and no transportation – despite all the years she’d spent driving others. She’d donated 3 of her past vehicles to charity, so was thus left in need of a vehicle herself.  While living on a restricted budget, Carey thought that if she could only learn how to manage her income, then just maybe her prayers would be answered. She could finally stop having to lift a ride on the church van each Sunday for church if she could only afford to purchase her own vehicle.  After four months of receiving Financial Coaching from Telamon Georgia, Carey’s ability to manage her budget and understand the importance of her payment history, Carey was finally preapproved for a loan for a brand-new vehicle. Carey no longer struggles with the burden of transportation issues, she can transport herself to and from church, run personal errands and help others that are in need. Carey stated “I am so happy, before Financial Coaching I wasn’t certain I could get a car after being denied twice. You truly helped me overcome my income barriers and credit challenges! Thank you so much for all you have done.”

I am so happy…you truly helped me overcome my income barriers and credit challenges!

Carey now has financial confidence; she is no longer uncertain about her income and is clear on what she is able to afford. She has impacted the other seniors among her peers at church and those at the Senior Center she attends, a living example of the notion that aging does not have to be a barrier to one obtaining the things they want in life. She is now more involved in church activities, serving in roles related to community services without transportation concerns. Carey had also dreamed of being able to take her grandchildren on trips ,and was so proud to express how doing so brightens her heart – the best part is, that she can afford to do this – to live out her dreams.

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