Success Story:
Meet Ana, who pursued the career of her dreams

Telamon Corporation - Ana | Success Story in GeorgiaAna, Georgia

Ana came to the Telamon office as a migrant worker. She would migrate between Georgia and Florida working seasonal as a farm worker and as a temp service worker at other times.  Although she lived in her mother’s home, as a young mother, she had to provide for her small daughter as well as for her own needs. Barely surviving financially, Ana sought to enroll in community college, however, she was unable to pass the entrance exam. With Telamon’s assistance and training, she eventually did pass the test and enrolled in a the college’s Criminal Justice program. She was a model student, and was courted by several agencies wanting to recruit her, even before her graduation! These days as a police officer in Sylvester, GA, her annual income has nearly tripled from her days in the field. She has her own patrol car, and a bright future ahead, and is grateful to Telamon for supporting her in her journey to obtaining the career of her dreams.

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