Success Story:
Young man’s strong leadership role in high school propels him to success in college

Isaiah, Indiana

Isaiah joined the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program through Telamon-TRC during his junior year in high school. Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a school-to-career program for juniors and seniors dedicated to preventing high school dropouts. Nationwide, JAG’s school-to-career program helps young people graduate from high school, pursue postsecondary education, and land good entry-level jobs that can lead to career advancement opportunities. Since Isaiah came from a family that valued education, they provided a stable foundation for him.

Isaiah’s biggest challenge was lack of self-confidence and the uncertainty of what he wanted to do in life. Through a JAG career research project, he developed an interest in Law Enforcement. He always had an interest in addressing issues that impact youth. Soon after he joined the Lawrence Police Explorer Program that exposed him to the field of Law Enforcement and helped him develop valuable leadership skills.

Isaiah was also voted Career Association President by his fellow JAG members. He led the Career Association in the planning and coordination of the JAG community service projects as well as other career development opportunities for students. Additionally, he was a competitor in the JAG Career Development Conference, placing 3rd in the Financial Literacy competition.

“The most meaningful part of my work is building relationships with students, providing guidance, education and support—watching students grow into their full potential. Isaiah Garrett understood and embraced every aspect JAG Program and now he is using his experience to move forward in life.” – Jeanine Jordan, JAG Specialist at TRC

Isaiah’s interest in issues that youth face lead him to the Mayors Youth Leadership Council, where he helped develop strategies to improve local communities. His involvement in the program provided a platform for him to share ideas, collaborate with others and further develop his professional skills. He also learned more about the city and government.

Expanding on his strong sense of community involvement, Isaiah was involved in the 100 Black Men of America organization and Indiana’s Beautillion Militaire program. These programs work to cultivate African American young men that have demonstrated capacity to be critical thinkers, culturally grounded, globally conscientious and purpose driven.

After Isaiah graduated from Lawrence Central High School with honors, he attended Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), studying management. He also served as a Resident Assistant and is a recipient of the Olaniyan Scholars Program that promotes the development of undergraduate research in Humanities and Social Science. Through this program, Isaiah received full in-state tuition (renewable for up to 4 years), plus an annual stipend to do research for the Africana Studies department. He also had the opportunity to study abroad in Barbados.

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