Success Story:
Actively Engaged Dad Benefits from Telamon’s Migrant Head Start Program

Juan Carlos, Michigan

Juan Carlos was born in Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico. Fourteen years ago, he moved to the United States. As a young father, he felt like he was clueless about parenting. Since he didn’t have a good home life, he didn’t know a lot about raising children. Through his wife and networking with others, he learned about Telamon’s Migrant Head Start program in Adrian, Michigan. He and his wife enrolled their children in the program. During one parent meeting, Juan Carlos was elected to be President of the Parent Committee. He was very shy and didn’t know what to expect.

Juan Carlos realized the importance of early childhood education once he joined Telamon’s Migrant Head Start program. The teachers sent educational information home that modelled positive ways to interact with and educate his young children. He also learned physical activities to do with his children, like dancing with music and
moving their hands and bodies—activities that he had never done.

Telamon’s Early Head Start program continued to provide him with opportunities to develop his knowledge. During his first Policy Council meeting in Lansing, Michigan, Juan Carlos learned how to conduct parent meetings using Roberts Rule of Order guidelines, as part of his role representing the Adrian Center. He also gained experience as Treasurer of the Policy Council, learning to advocate for his Head Start center, his family and how to get children ready to attend school.

“I am very appreciative of Telamon and for all the people who helped me and my family.”

In 2018, Juan Carlos traveled to the National Migrant Head Start Annual Conference in Costa Mesa, California. He attended the National Head Start Association’s Parent and Family Engagement Conference in Anaheim, California in 2019. At these conferences, he participated in workshops and classes that taught the importance of reading to his children and doing activities his family at home. He also learned topics, like how to deal with stress and how to gain financial freedom. He also participated in workshops about immigration to learn how to protect himself and his family.

In 2020, Juan Carlos was elected by the Association Parent Affiliate group to the position of Secretary at the national level. His next goal is to get his GED. With his dedication and ambitious spirit, we know that he will accomplish any goal he pursues.

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