Success Story:
Housing & Financial Empowerment Helps Individuals and Families Build Financial Security

Housing & Financial EmpowermentCynthia, Delaware

Sometimes, life throws curve balls. Just ask Cynthia. She was working as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), pursuing college classes to receive her LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse degree), and juggling the responsibilities of being a mother and wife, when her dad suffered a stroke, requiring her to become a caregiver for her parents.

Caregiving and a devotion to family came naturally to Cynthia, but in the back of her mind, she wanted to provide her family with more: greater economic security and a house, rather than the cramped apartment shared by seven family members. As immigrants from Nigeria, Cynthia and her family felt strongly about pursuing the many opportunities available to them in America.

Valerie is an amazing soul. Working with Valerie to achieve some of my goals, I went from having zero dollars in my savings and zero credit to my name to having enough credit to qualify for a loan to purchase a home for me and my family. —Cynthia

When Cynthia found our Head Start program in Delaware, we learned about her need for early childhood education for her children, and her goal of home ownership. In Head Start, Cynthia’s children are gaining critical school-readiness education. And, through Telamon’s unique partnership with the $tand By Me program, Cynthia worked with one of the program’s financial coaches and obtained preapproval to purchase a house!

We believe in working with community partners to help people like Cynthia navigate life’s curve balls. As a proud new homeowner, Cynthia is a testament to the importance of working together to build stronger communities.

Telamon-TRC offers a variety of Housing & Financial Empowerment workshops and customized services that aim to help you build financial security. We specialize in financial management and budget counseling, credit education, pre-purchase homebuyer programs, rental education and counseling, foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation services, and personal financial coaching.

Since 1965 Telamon-TRC has helped individuals like you access services that lead to better jobs, better lives, and better communities. Find a Housing & Financial Empowerment program near you today!