• Telamon Historical Timeline

    Today, Telamon serves nearly 33,000 customers annually through a diverse array of education, training, housing and community service projects in twelve Southeastern and Midwestern states. Telamon ~ TRC operates seven Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant Head Start programs in six states serving over 5,200 children through fifty centers and home-based programs.

    2015   Telamon Corporation enters its 50th year of services to people in need, including a group of people it set out to serve upon its inception in 1965: the migrant and seasonal farmworkers.
    2015   Telamon and TRC are awarded a total of four new grant awards through the nationwide Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships funding competition. The awards expand Early Head Start access to more than 322 infants and toddlers from at-risk families in communities that Telamon and TRC serve in four states: Delaware, Indiana, North Carolina and Tennessee.
    2014   Telamon receives recognition by the Board of Immigration Appeals of the Department of Justice to serve immigrant families with low-cost legal services in Michigan and North Carolina. Services commence in both states.
    2014   The Governing Board of Telamon Corporation selects the fourth Executive Director in the corporation’s history to lead the agency - Suzanne M. Orozco.
    2012   Telamon was chosen in a competitive process by the Office of Head Start to provide Head Start and Early Head Start services to 417 children in Sampson County, North Carolina.

    Transition Resources Corporation (Telamon’s Indiana division) was awarded a grant to provide Head Start and Early Head Start services to 611 children in Delaware and Madison Counties as the result of a competitive grant process determined by the Office of Head Start.
    2011   Volunteers and donors contributed $7 million in volunteer time, donated facilities, donated services, and donated materials to support Telamon’s projects and customers.
    2010   Head Start program expansions featured new Early Learning Mentor Projects, Home Based Services, and Family Literacy Home Visiting
        Telamon operated 106 projects in 12 states. Through ARRA and other initiatives, project revenues increased 22% and unrestricted net assets were more than doubled over a two-year period.
        Telamon acquired a 10-year contract to provide online data collection and reporting systems for the Adult Migrant Program of the Florida Department of Education.
    2009   Telamon becomes a Multi-State Organization (MSO) certified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, enabling its efforts to extend housing counseling and mortgage foreclosure prevention efforts to communities in nine states.
        New projects added include Green Jobs Capacity Building in Maryland, Jobs for America’s Graduates in Marion County, Indiana and expansion or launch of Early Head Start services in three states.
    2008   Telamon launched an information portal designed to keep its Governing Board members up-to-date on the Corporation’s activities between quarterly Board meetings. The portal features news updates, announcements from funding sources, activity and financial reports, and training materials designed to support their service to the Corporation.
    2007   The Corporation set up its first-generation online training portal for employees to access video based tutorials on Telamon systems and procedures and documents to support training in local field offices and Head Start centers.
    2006   Introduced a wellness initiative for employees in the Corporation’s health care plan which promotes preventative care options

    Opened a new JobLink Center at Clayton Corners serving people seeking employment and training services in Wake and Johnston Counties, North Carolina.

    Opened new Head Start facilities in Sussex County, Delaware and Sutton’s Bay, Michigan.
    2005   Telamon operates an emergency housing program for farmworkers in northern Florida.
    2004   Telamon is awarded the Head Start grant for Sussex County, Delaware.
    2003   Telamon is awarded the NFJP program for the state of Alabama, which becomes the 12th state served.
    2002   The Governing Board approves a resolution to incorporate in Florida, which becomes the 11th state with Telamon sponsored programs.
    2001   Telamon is awarded the Early Head Start and Head Start program grants in Chatham and Wake Counties, North Carolina, serving infants, toddlers and preschool children in 10 facilities.
    2000   Telamon begins to serve farmworker youth, ages 14 to 21, in six states through a newly established WIA initiative focusing on academic and occupational success.
    1997   Delaware expands by developing Primeros Pasos, Early Head Start and Head Start programs.
    1996   Telamon Head Start programs serve 2,200 children enrolled in 25 centers in five states.
    1995   Tennessee becomes the tenth state to receive Telamon services with the addition of the Migrant Head Start grant. In 1999 the program expands to serve children from both migrant and seasonal farmworker families at five centers.
    1992   The Migrant Head Start grant for Michigan is awarded to Telamon, to serve 824 children in nine centers.
    1991   The JTPA grant to serve adult farmworkers in Michigan is awarded to Telamon Corporation.
    1990   Telamon becomes a Head Start grantee for the first time in Kent County, Delaware.
    1989   Telamon begins Migrant Head Start services in North Carolina under ECMHSP.
    1987   The JTPA adult farmworker grant for Indiana is awarded to Telamon, which is incorporated as Transition Resources Corporation in that state.
    1986   Telamon operates Migrant Head Start in Delaware under ECMHSP.
    1984   The Governing Board approves an organizational name change to Telamon Corporation.
    1983   South Carolina is the next state to receive JTPA farmworker employment and training services through MSFA.
    1981   MSFA provides Migrant Head Start services for the first time in Georgia as a delegate agency of the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project (ECMHSP), establishing a relationship that will grow into the future.
    1979   Programs begin in West Virginia under MSFA
    1978   Delaware and Georgia become the fourth and fifth states with MSFA services
    1976   MSFA receives grant funds to serve farmworkers in Maryland
    1975   MSFA expands through a farmworker services grant to serve Virginia and North Carolina
    1972   The Migrant Project is incorporated as the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Association (MSFA), a non-profit organization with a Governing Board consisting of 17 farmworkers and 10 others.
    1965   An antecedent to Telamon Corporation, the Migrant Project of the North Carolina Council of Churches submits a proposal to the Office of Economic Opportunity to aid farmworkers in North Carolina. It is accepted and funded at $256,938 and included sanitation education and development projects, day care and homemaker services, housing, rest stop development and summer school programs.
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