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    Since 1965, Telamon-TRC (TRC-Transition Resources Corporation in Indiana) has provided supportive assistance to thousands of men, women, young adults, children, and families in eleven states. Farmworkers and their families, children born into poverty, low-income and elderly residents of rural America, veterans, youth who struggle with societal challenges, the dislocated and disenfranchised comprise this universe of people in need.

    We have seen firsthand the impact that our services have in our customers’ lives, providing them with opportunities to become self-sufficient and productive citizens in their communities.

    Today we are watching our horizons reach even further, not only into new communities; we are also expanding our scope to include youth, veterans, and an array of new customers. Our programs and services in the areas of Early Childhood & Family Support, Housing & Financial Empowerment, and Workforce and Career Services continue to grow, serving thousands each year.

    We have built upon our successful 50-year track record of providing high quality services to individuals in need within the communities we serve, meeting people where they are, and working in collaboration with a strong network of community partners to help people on their pathways to long term success.

      Early Childhood and Family Support Workforce & Career Services Housing and Financial Empowerment  

    * - available only in North Carolina

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