RFP - Maintenance, Hauling, and Moving of Unit Contents, and Cleaning of Telamon Leased and Owned Units

May 11, 2017

Telamon Corporation is soliciting bids for maintenance, hauling and moving of unit contents, and cleaning of Telamon leased and owned units. Work will be located in Berkeley/Jefferson Counties on an as needed basis as outlined below.

Work Write-Up

Description of work to be performed for “Cleaning Services”

  • All Rooms:
    • Cobwebs removed
    • Cupboards, Chests, Wardrobe – empty, dust and wash shelves, faces and side panels
    • Doors – dust and wipe clean
    • Floors – sweep and mop
    • Furniture – vacuum and/or wipe down, as applicable
    • Light Fixtures – dust and clean
    • Base Boards – dust and wipe down
    • Walls – scrub all walls down
    • Windows – clean glass and frames inside and out (where accessible)
    • Window Coverings – dust and clean
    • Trash – dispose of ALL trash in provided receptacles and scrub trash cans out
  • Kitchen:
    • Drawer and cabinets – emptied and wiped down
    • Exhaust Fans/Range Hoods/Filters – clean and degrease
    • Refrigerator and Freezer – emptied and cleaned
    • Sink – clean and disinfect
    • Stove/Oven – clean burners, clean inside of oven and wipe down, and degrease outside
    • Microwave and Stands – clean and degrease inside and out
    • Dishes – wash any dirty dishes and pans
  • Bathroom:
    • Disinfect ALL surfaces
    • Shower/Tub/Tiling – scrub tile (including grout), showers, tub – all areas should be free of soap residue, mold/mildew and hair
    • Sink – clean and remove any stains or soap residue
    • Toilets – clean thoroughly inside and out
    • Cabinets/Drawers – empty and wipe out

Description of work to be performed for “Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repairs”:

  • General:
    • Anything over and above $2,000.00 general maintenance will be contracted out or sub- contracted out to a licensed and certified contractor.
    • Perform on-going over-all general repairs and preventive maintenance on an as-required basis
    • Perform periodic replacement of water softener salt, smoke detector batteries, ceiling tiles and other miscellaneous maintenance and repairs on an as-needed basis
  • Plumbing and Electrical Work:
    • Major electrical and plumbing work must be contracted out or sub-contracted out to a licensed and certified contractor.
    • Contractor may do simple plumbing repairs, such as unclogging pipes, replacing faucets, adding washers, installing dishwashers, etc. Any NEW service such as connecting from the main water valve or replacing broken lines must be done by a licensed plumber.
    • Contractor may do simple electrical repairs, such as installing new switches or outlets, replacing ceiling fixtures, etc. A licensed electrician must do any NEW service including wiring connected to the breaker box.

Description of work to be performed for “Hauling”:

  • Moving of furniture and other large items to and from stores, apartments, storage, etc.
  • Assisting in moving residents in and out of apartments
  • Hauling used furniture and other large items out of apartments and disposing of items at landfill (occasionally items may be contaminated with bed bugs, etc.)



All submissions for responding to this request must be submitted on paper or electronically, as stated below, no later than 4:30 PM on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

Submission Delivery Address:

Jennifer L. Painter, BSW
Housing Family Mentor
67 Aikens Center
Martinsburg, WV 25404

The address for electronic submission is:


Submission Questions and Clarifications:

Pre-bid unit inspections are available by appointment only. To set an appointment please email jpainter@telamon.org.

Questions on any topics covered in this Request for Quote may be emailed to Jennifer Painter, jpainter@telamon.org.

Required Documentation to be Submitted Along With Bid:

  • All current and applicable licenses and certificates (including but not limited to City, State, Business, etc.)
  • Certificate of Insurance with $1,000,000.00 of General Liability and Workers Compensation Coverage (listing Telamon as an additional insured)
  • W-9 Form
  • Procurement Contract Provisions
  • List of References

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