• Indiana Housing Services Locations

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     Transition Resources Service Area

  • Housing

    Telamon is a HUD approved Multi-State Organization providing the following for customers in ten states.

    Services for Consumers

    • Fair Housing Assistance
    • Homebuyer Education Programs
    • Loss Mitigation and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
    • Mobility and Relocation Counseling
    • Money Management and Credit Counseling
    • Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling
    • Prepurchase Counseling
    • Postpurchase Counseling
    • Renters Assistance
    • Services for the Homeless
    • On-Farm Housing Grant Program
    • USDA Farm Labor Housing Program

  • Farmworker Housing

    Farmworkers seeking to improve their economic future have diverse housing needs which may change over time. TRC assists NFJP eligible farmworkers who need temporary or emergency housing accommodations as a result of migratory agricultural employment opportunities away from their home base. We also provide housing assistance to those farmworkers who choose to relocate to Indiana and need initial assistance obtaining a permanent primary residence in order to take advantage of NFJP employment or training services.