• There are so many ways you can help

    Some examples of the kinds of things your donation can help do

    Your gift of $10 would provide supplies for students working toward their GED or enrolled in community college, essentials like pens, pencils, notebooks.
    Your donation of $20 would provide safe, non-slip work shoes for a participant in a culinary arts training program. Or, helps purchase a nice set of second-hand baby clothes, or a business suit for a client to wear for job interviews.
    Your contribution of $40 would cover the cost of 2 months of English as a Second Language (ESL) online classes.
    Your gift of $60 would help provide dinner for Employment and Training program participants, who often attend courses after working all day in other jobs. Or, $60 might provide 2 bags of groceries to help stock our food pantries for families struggling with hunger.
    Your gift of $75 would keep a farmworker warm, by outfitting him with with a coat, boots and hat for work in the fields in the cold. Or, this gift would fund one class of Heat Stress Training and Pesticide Training for us to 40 farmworkers.
    Your gift of $100 would help keep a family warm - by covering the cost to purchase a portable heating unit for use during the cold winter months. Or, would help a student enrolled in a Jobs program with textbooks for their coursework in the local community college.
    Your donation of $200 would supply nutritious snacks for 30 children for a week of after school learning activities. Or, will provide 67 cases of water for farmworkers working in fields in the heat.
    Your contribution of $500 would help a family of 6 to pay their mortgage for the month of December, and might support their work with a Telamon counselor, to help empower them with financial management skills beyond the holidays, possibly preventing foreclosure.
    Your unrestricted gift of any amount helps to offset costs of Telamon's education and training programs.

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