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    Following architectural styles of the ancient Greeks, early Roman builders adapted the use of human figures, some called Telamons, that were symbolically cast as columnar roof supports. Since 1965, Telamon Corporation has provided supportive assistance to untold numbers of recipients. Farmworkers and their families, children born into poverty, low-income and elderly residents of rural America, youth who struggle with societal challenges, the dislocated and disenfranchised comprise this universe of people in need.

    In more than three decades, our maturity as a nonprofit organization has grown along with the number of programs we operate and our geographic reach. Today, over 100 projects bring help with childcare, employment, housing, education and community development to people in twelve states. We hope you will find our web site both interesting and informative.

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    To our stylized logogram, we add a heart that beats with commitment to those we choose to serve, and a soul that is the collective effort of thousands of employees and volunteers who have given of themselves.

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    Telamon Corporation
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