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    Following architectural styles of the ancient Greeks, early Roman builders adapted the use of human figures, some called “Telamons”, that were symbolically cast as columnar roof supports. Our organization’s name references our dedication to providing supportive services to fellow humans, to help them to build firm foundations from which to improve their own lives. Since 1965, Telamon has provided supportive assistance to untold numbers of recipients through 3 lines of business, Early Childhood & Family Support, Housing & Financial Empowerment, and Workforce & Career Services.

      Early Childhood and Family Support Career and Workforce Serrvices Housing and Financial Empowerment  

    A Strong History and Tradition of Service

    Telamon has enjoyed a long and successful lifetime of progress and expansion since 1965. We have seen our services to those in need become more meaningful, providing them with the opportunity to become self-sufficient and productive citizens.

    Today we are watching our horizons reach even further, not only into new communities, but also into new program commitments to those we serve. While we continue to serve a large population of migrant and seasonal farm workers, our base has expanded and continues to grow. Our proven effective program and service delivery models provide educational services which empower individuals in need who seek to improve their lives.

    With more than 100 locations in 11 states – we are committed to our work to provide educational services that empower thousands of people to build better lives for themselves and their families.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide educational services that lead to better jobs, better lives and better communities.

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