Raleigh, NC; August 16, 2016.

The Telamon-Transition Resources Corporation (TRC) 2015 Annual Report: Our Values, Our Vision is now available. The theme of this Annual Report aligns with our organization’s Core Values, developed in 2015, which drive our mission and our work within eleven states. The Report profiles five staff and customers who embody each of these Core Values, and we share their stories.

Integrity – “My word means something.” Exemplary employee Roberto Quintero of routinely goes above and beyond in his work in the farm fields of Virginia with the hundreds of people he serves. Roberto not only educates and informs customers about pesticide safety, he also cares about their overall health and well being.

Pride and Ownership – “I act as an owner of this corporation.” Staff member Tashia Harrison, Director of the YouthBuild program in Kingstree, South Carolina exhibits an extraordinary sense of pride and commitment in her work with at-risk youth within a tough urban community.

Innovation – “I embrace continuous improvement.” We showcase the One Stop Café, an effective social enterprise program which provides training and employment support for motivated participants in Salisbury, Maryland.

Openness to Learning – “I am open to learning from anyone, anywhere.” The inspirational story of Henry Heard is shared, a successful participant in one of Employment and Training program in Alabama. Following incarceration, Henry turned his life around with the support of Telamon and the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP).

Respectful Communication – “I communicate with respect and transparency.” Octavia McKoy is a dedicated parent advocate whose journey began as the young mom of small children enrolled in a Head Start program in Sampson County, North Carolina.

These stories represent just a cross section of the hundreds of dedicated staff members and thousands of motivated customers who were a part of Telamon-TRC in 2015. It is fulfilling and inspiring to see the Core Values we have embraced lived out with such extraordinary dedication in our staff – and to see many of these same traits reflected back in the customers we serve.

Says Executive Director Suzanne Orozco: “We are very grateful to the wide array of funders, individual supporters, volunteers and community partners who support our mission and vision, empowering us to serve others.”

To receive a print copy of the Annual Report, please contact Linda Cozzolino, Marketing Specialist. To view the Report online, please visit www.telamon.org

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Headquartered in Raleigh, NC Telamon-Transition Resources Corporation (TRC) is a non-profit organization that provides educational services via early childhood and family support programs, employment and training, housing and financial empowerment and a variety of other services to nearly 19,000 individuals in eleven states. Founded in 1965, Telamon’s mission is to provide educational services that lead to better jobs, better lives, and better communities.


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